About Us
Our Promise
Help you smash and achieve your goals
Whether it be with better organisation, easy bookmarking or focused study timers, we want to help you achieve great things.
To continuously improve
We're always keen to improve our product and love feedback! Get in touch with us at hello@kumostudy.com
To be there for students
We're trying to create a science-backed experience for students and the ADHD community.
Our Mission
Our mission is to combat the executive dysfunction burdens placed upon individuals with ADHD in their work and study life. We aim to give people with ADHD the tools they need to overcome productivity loss, burnout, academic failure and dropout rates and more. We are pioneering a product that brings inclusivity into education and the workplace through action rather than mere words, being the first to do so. Our vision is to be at the forefront of inclusive technology and pave the way for future information and learning management systems to be inclusive of all learning types.
Our Values
Kumo Study Chrome Extension
Don't waste time copying citations, sorting back through tabs and trying to find your notes. Kumo Study keeps it all together for you - accessible with just one click!
Kumo is an all in one study-aid Google Chrome plug in tool that has been developed for people just like you who want to leverage evidence-based techniques and tools to assist with the ongoing demands of life, work and study. Kumo puts everything in one easy place to make your next study sesh. a well-organised, distraction free zone.
Our key features include:
  • A seamless bookmarking and research organisational tool
  • A task list with the ability to add daily routines and check off your progress each day
  • A site blocker to block those pesky procrastination stations and keep you on task
  • A task timer with research-backed pomodoro sprint blocks or custom focus and break timers
  • Ability to easily minimise the task timer, site blocker or task list into a mini floating widget to keep those distractions at bay
Best of all, the Kumo Study tool is completely free to use. Anyone can easily make an account and start getting more organised, more more focus periods and less procrastination today!
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Meet the Team
Alex Kerr
Founder & CEO
When I was at university, I found that tasks such as citing sources, ordering notes, planning essays and organising research took so much longer than it needed to.
85% of students with ADHD will drop out or fail a course during their time at university. I want to help combat this issue by giving these students tools they need to thrive. If you have any questions, drop me a line at alexandra@kumostudy.com
Aidan Homewood
Co-founder & CTO
I'm passionate about guaranteeing access to education for everyone. As a tutor, I've seen first-hand the neglect the education system has for many students. They are left alone to struggle with issues of focus, organisation and workflow.
For anything technical, product feedback, or if you just want to chat, email me at aidan@kumostudy.com
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