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A chrome plug-in to make studying that little bit easier.

Our chrome plug-in allows students to annotate, cite and save folders with just one click! Our Kumo Panel is accessible on any website, and saves all work you are doing to your dashboard. You can collect websites and save them to folders, make notes alongside them and cite them in Harvard or APA (7th) style.

Our Mission

We are here to transform how students use technology to manage their learning in a post Covid-19 world. We are building the complete study suite for students to pioneer autonomous learning and study.


Our Features

All the features you need in a research assistant…

Make Notes

Jot down notes, draft paragraphs or reminders next to your research.

Cite Research

With just one click, you can cite websites in Harvard or APA (7th).

organise Research

All work is saved back to your dashboard. Revisit from where you left off and create folders for classes, topics, essays and more!

Coming soon...

Your complete study suite is coming soon...



$ 0 Monthly
  • Unlimited Notes
  • Unlimited Folders
  • 100x Bookmarks
  • 100x Citations


$ 2
  • Unlimited Notes
  • Unlimited Folders
  • Unlimited Bookmarks
  • Unlimited Citations
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