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About Us:

KUMO was created by students, for students. Our services aims to bring functionality to studying online.

Candidly highlight, note make, reference, set study timers, block distraction websites, pin important webpages and more! We believe students should have full autonomy when researching online, and be able to organise and manage their research how they want to. We want to combine the world of virtual learning and physical resources. As easy as scribbling on your notepad or bookmarking pages in your textbook, we want to make sure students study comes first.



Highlight important text form webpages, E- textbooks, Journal articles and more!


Candidly make notes on any webpages, just like scribbling on your notebook.


Have all your features available on your dashboard, a separate account where you can manage and expert all the notes you have made.


Reference any webpages in one click! Reference in Harvard , APA, MLA and many more.

Study Timers

Set study Timers how you want. With rest breaks, focus modes, " Pamodoro method" and more.


Listen to texts an your way to uni or , if you are winding down for the day, listen in ASMR.


Collaborate with classmates by sharing important webpages, notes, references and more.

Pin Items

Pin important websites to your dashboard. Make different folders for different subject/topics/classes and more!

Block Distractions

Block Distractions websites such as streaming services and social media for as long as you want whilist you study.


Set reminders on your dashboard like upcoming assessment, exam timetable, college events and more.

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