We Promise...


To be there for students

We will always look out for what our customer needs. Whether its study timers, flashcard services or more!


To continually improve

Innovations in learning and education technology are continually changing, we will be at the forefront of it all


Help you achieve your goals

We want to help students achieve great things! Whether is be through better marks, thorough organization or more stimulating study.

A CaaS Platform

(Convenience as a Service)

Our Chrome PLug-in

Focus on what matters – the content.

Don’t waste time copying citations, sorting back through tabs and trying to find your notes. Kumo Study keeps it all together for you – accessible with just one click!

Our chrome plug-in is completely free to use. Students can make an account and create an infinite number of folder to store websites, citations, and make notes.


Meet the Team!

Alex Kerr


G’day everyone! I’m Alex, the Founder of Kumo Study. When I was at university, I found that tasks such as citing sources, ordering notes, planning essays and organising research took so much longer than it needed to.
I found that there weren’t that many services out there that looks at simplifying and streamlining university work from the perspective of the student. As university moves to a more permanent hybrid model, it is now more important than ever to make sure students have the resources they need to succeed. An important part of this venture is our focus on helping students with ADHD stay focused, on task and achieving their academic goals. 85% of students with ADHD will drop out or fail a course during their time at university. I want to help combat this issue by giving these students tools they need to thrive. If you have any questions, drop me a line at alexandra@kumostudy.com


Aidan Homewood


Hi everyone, I’m Aidan. I’m super excited to have come onboard as a co-founder and CTO of Kumo. Before joining I was at university and tutoring high school students. I came onboard because I’m passionate about guaranteeing access to education for everyone. I’ve seen first-hand the neglect the education system has for many students. They are left alone to struggle with issues of focus, organisation and workflow. While tutoring is one way to help, tutoring is limited to those with the time and money to spend hours with a tutor each week. COVID has ushered in an age where building online tools which follow students wherever they go has huge potential to solve big problems in education. I’m excited to see where Alex and I can take Kumo over the next year! For anything technical, product feedback, or if you just want to chat, email me at aidan@kumostudy.com


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